King's Camps Pro Team and Affiliates

Pro Team and Affiliates


King’s Camps and Fitness is proud to support and sponsor the following Pro Team Athletes. These elite athletes not only represent a top level of dedication to their sport, but exemplify the core values of King’s Camps and Fitness on and off the course.

  • Rea Kolbl Pra

    Rea Kolbl Pra joined the King’s Camps and Fitness Pro team in 2017 after being introduced to Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) through Spartan Race, where she is also a member of the Reebok Spartan Pro Team. She is easily recognised for her lightning quick speed, and while she is fairly new to the OCR circuit, Rea is no stranger to competition. She has years of top finishes across a variety of running distances, and for 2017 already holds first place finishes for both the elite woman’s Super and Sprint for the Spartan SoCal Race.  Look for Rea this year as she pushes the boundaries of OCR as she makes her way to the Spartan World Championships.

  • Mike King

    Mike King is the founding member of the King’s Camps Pro Team since its conception in 2013. Mike is a seasoned athlete who competes in the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) circuit, as well as road and trail races. Mike has numerous podium finishes in OCR races such as Spartan Race, the former Battle Frog, Rugged Maniac, Savage Race, as well as the Spartan World Championships, the OCR World Championships, and World’s Toughest Mudder. In 2016, Mike was ranked 2nd in the national BattleFrog points series. Mike has also placed well in the running world, taking top positions in both road and trail races. While a masters category athlete, Mike can often be found challenging those many times half his age, embracing the statement that “age is just a number.” He is dedicated to helping others in all of their fitness pursuits, and especially helping you “overcome your obstacles,” which has become the King’s Camps mantra.

  • Jeff Shady

    Jeff Shady became a member of the King’s Camps Pro Team in 2016 and is an ever-present fixture in the OCR circuit.  Jeff has numerous podium finishes in various race series such as Spartan Race and Rugged Maniac, and he has competed in the Spartan World Championships. Jeff can be found training hard on the trails of Monterey, CA where there is no shortage of ideal courses and hills with which to hone his skills.

  • Wilfredo Malazarte
    Wilfredo Malazarte

    Wilfredo Malazarte became a Pro Team member in 2015 after training for over a year with Coach Mike in preparation for his OCR races. Wilfredo participates in all distances of OCR races, but has taken a liking to the longer distances of the Spartan Race Ultra Beast and World’s Toughest Mudder–where he clocked 50+ miles in 2016. Wilfredo is deeply involved in the OCR community and can often be found helping other new and upcoming athletes with advice and support. If you want to find Wilfredo at a race, look for his ever-present smile–even during a bucket carry.

  • Julie Werney
    Julie Werney

    Julie joined the King’s Camps and Fitness Pro Team in 2014 and quickly made a name for herself in the OCR elite circuit. Julie has numerous podium finishes in the Master’s category for Spartan Race, BattleFrog (RIP), and the Savage Race series. In 2016, Julie took 2nd place at the OCR World Championships and 2nd in the BattleFrog national point series.  Julie’s love for and knowledge of OCR racing is infectious, which is why she frequently helps coach our Obstacle Open Gym nights and other OCR programs. When Julie’s not racing, she can be found helping others overcome their obstacles by providing tips and motivation.

  • Monica Villarreal

    Monica became a member of the King’s Camps and Fitness Pro Team in 2017. While relatively new to the OCR race circuit, Monica is a fierce OCR athlete that achieved a podium finish at the 2017 Terrain Race. In 2015, Monica ran her first OCR race and was instantly hooked on the sport. She ran 20 OCR races in 2016 and completed three Spartan trifectas. In addition to OCR, Monica frequently can be found racing local trail series such as the Rodeo Valley 30K Trail Run, Surfers Path Marathon, and the 18 mile Mermaid Run.  With her infectious passion for OCR and running, Monica will conquer anything she sets her mind to—she truly embodies the King’s Camps and Fitness philosophy to #overcomeyourobstacles. When she’s not out on the trails or in the mud racing, you can find Monica training at our OCR Open Gym or Warrior Boot Camp.

  • Dawn Wu

    Dawn Wu became a member of the King’s Camps and Fitness Pro Team in 2017, but she’s no stranger to racing. She entered her first 5K in May 2013: the Los Altos Hills Pathways Run. Since then she’s tackled the Golden Gate Relay, Ragnar Trail Tahoe, San Francisco Hot Chocolate 15K, and multiple half marathons. When Dawn found King’s Camps and Fitness and participated in its OCR Royal Race, she got bit hard by the OCR bug. Since then, she’s been fiercely competing in OCR races such as Spartan Race, and Gladiator Rock n’ Run, and Rugged Maniac. In 2017, she took two podiums–2nd at Spartan AT&T Sprint and 3rd at Gladiator Rock n’ Run—and she’s just getting started. In her spare time, she’s a full time scientist, a mom to two energetic boys, and an all-around badass who’s quick with her smiles and infectious laughter—as long as you don’t interrupt her set.

  • Jenny King

    Jenny King joined the King’s Camps and Fitness affiliate team in 2013 as a founding member. Jenny not only participates in King’s Camps training program, but she can often be found participating in races that the team is involved in. If Jenny is not participating in and event, she can be found on the course rooting for and supporting the team’s Pro athletes and gym members. Jenny is a regular contributor to the King’s Camps and Fitness blog, and she is the author of her own blog, Worlds Toughest Mother, which details the footsteps of being an OCR wife and mother to an OCR family.

  • Amy Soup
    Amy Soup

    Amy Soup joined the King’s Camps and Fitness affiliate team in 2017. After Amy got burned out by jet-setting around the world by working 80+ hours for several global corporations, she decided that she’s had enough. She has since dedicated her new life in fitness by getting healthier and stronger. She first became aware of Obstacle Courses Races back in 2013 and has since participated in over 30+ events across the United States with Tough Mudder, Spartan, Terrain Race, Rugged Maniac, and Gladiator Run. In 2016, she’s obtained 7 Spartan Trifectas. She has qualified for the 2017 OCR World Championship at Blue Mountain in October. Amy is also a member of the Spartan Street Team.