The Difference Between “OCR Workouts” and Actual OCR Obstacle Training

If you think an “OCR Workout” is adequate training for an OCR event, think again. In this audiocast, Coach Mike details the differences between “OCR Workouts” and actual OCR Obstacle Training.

Notes on the audiocast:

  • An obstacle course race typically consists of 2 main parts: (1) 80% trail running, and (2) 20% obstacles. This can vary depending on the race provider and type.
  • Running in all of its forms is great training for the running portion of an OCR race. This includes street running, trail running, hiking, and sprinting.
  • “OCR workouts” that consist primarily, or solely, of exercises such as squats, pull-ups, and burpees are simply fitness workouts with an OCR label attached. The goal of these fitness workouts is to improve your overall fitness, which is important in any athletic event, but fitness alone will not guarantee obstacle competence. Fitness training is not the same thing as OCR obstacle training.
  • A true Obstacle Course Race Training or Spartan Race Training Workout will utilize the obstacles commonly seen in obstacle course races. The goal of these OCR obstacles workouts is twofold: (1) to improve one’s overall fitness, and (2) to provide strength, technique, familiarity, conditioning, and efficiency in completing the obstacles.
  • As an example, if you were training for a century bike race, you would not expect to do all of your training off of the bike and then get on the bike for the first time the day of the race.

We hope you enjoy this audiocast, and find the discussion regarding the differences between OCR Workouts and OCR Obstacle Training helpful. Just remember: in order to Overcome Your Obstacles, you need to practice on the obstacles!

We’ll see you on the starting line, and congratulate you at the finish line.

Coach Mike






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