Goal Setting to Move More in 2016

Goal setting to facilitate lifestyle changes in order to facilitate more movement and fitness in the coming year.

How to create successful goals.


First what is the goal?

1. State the Goal – What is the goal? Can be broad, vague, partial sentence, or whatever comes to mind, write it down.

Examples: get in better shape, lose weight, eat healthier, or get toned

Using the acronym SMART we can set how were going to achieve these goals

Specific: Lose 10 pounds in three months

Measurable: To weigh 190 pounds. Weight loss can be tracked on a scale. Additionally, if Joe wants to address body composition or waist circumference, these changes can also be measured and tracked.

Attainable: Losing 10 pounds in three months is an attainable goal.

Realistic: Based on Joe’s current height and weight, a loss of 10 pounds is a realistic goal.

Timely: Three months is a reasonable timeline to lose 10 pounds. Experts agree that losing 0.5 to 2 pounds per week is safe.


2. Develop a Plan

               Establish MICRO goals or MICRO goal cycles

3. Identify the obstacles

Identify the obstacles that will stand in your way of achieving your goal and set a plan for addressing these obstacles.

People, money, work, the environment

4. Identify the people, groups, and organizations that can assist you achieve your goal(s.)

5. List the benefits of achieving the goal


How are the goals going to be achieved?

Your specific goal is considered a product (MACRO) goal how it’s going to be obtained is the accumulation of process (MICRO) goals.

Examples: eat five servings of fruits and vegitables per day, walk to the train station versus drive, walk during lunch, obtain a step goal, eat a salad for lunch.

Ideally, these process (MICRO) goals will not only help you obtain your specific goal(s), but more importantly, they are smaller more obtainable steps to acieveing long-term healthy habits product (MACRO) goals.

Recognizing when the goal has been achieved.

Because our goal setting established measurable achievements, it’s easy to recognize when a goal has been achieved. It is also easy to understand and measure your progress.

Be sure to celebrate your achievements along the way


Health in the form of Lifestyle Reform.

So a popular topic that you were here today is the idea of lifestyle reform. The idea of lifestyle reform can happen in as large of a scale or a small of a scale as is necessary to you. Lifestyle reform to some may be in the form of diet, where others lifestyle reform may include everything from sleep to exercise. So let’s discuss some the items of lifestyle reform…

Making time for Change.

  • You must make time for change.
  • If you’re going to make healthier food choices, the sometimes take longer to prepare. Changing your sleep cycle means that you have to make more time for sleep.

Healthy food choices

  • We’re not going to talk about diets.
  • Making healthy choices regarding food is important
    • Choosing a salad over a donut
    • Choosing whole or ancient grains

Meal Prep

Improve rest and recovery cycles

  • Sleep helps your brain work properly.
    • It’s forming new pathways to help you learn and remember information
  • Involved in healing and repairing your heart and blood vessels
  • Sleep deficiency also increases the risk of obesity
  • Sleep maintains a balance of hormones (hungry or full) (insulin)
  • Sleep affects your immune system

Time for downtime – stretching, rolling, and massage

  • General relaxation and well-being
  • Addressing a specific complaint such as pain or limited range of motion
  • Relief of tight muscles
  • Improved circulation
  • Enhanced energy and vitality

Movement and activity – Fitness

  • Being involved in a fitness activity does not mean that you need to spend hours in the gym or attend a grueling militaristic style boot camp.
  • Based on your goals movement can be a simple as walking more.
  • What is important is finding out what type of movement will help you achieve your goals.
    • Yoga or Pilates
    • Personal training
    • Walking
    • Group fitness classes
    • Fitness groups or friend circles

Finding a fitness activity that excites you

  • One thing that will keep you moving and active is finding an activity that you enjoy.
  • This does not always happen with the first activity you participate in
  • Try something until you’re willing to do it for the enjoyment of doing it as opposed to the fitness
    • Rock climbing, volleyball, tennis, running, cycling

Closing the circle with your family

One of the best ways to enjoy fitness activities and make a shift in the lifestyle of yourself. is to incorporate the family

  • Make food changes as a family
  • Go for walks after dinner as a family
  • Sign up for a local 5K as a family
  • Hire a personal trainer and workout as a small group
  • Stretch as a family
  • Have a quiet time, without technology, as a family

Keep a Journal

Journals give you the ability to express personally how your activities go

  • a place to note where things went right
  • a place to note where things went wrong
  • a place to note when changes were made
  • a reminder of the benefits of your achievement
  • how you felt

Useful for goal redirection


Wearables have the right idea…

The wearable industry has exploded. It’s hard to find somebody who does not have a tracking device on. Why?

These devices aid people in a visual way to achieve the goals that they’ve set

  • Steps-activity
  • Distance-fitness
  • Calories burned-diet
  • Active minutes – activity
  • Sleep tracking
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Goals and feedback
  • Rewards
  • Fun
  • Time Saving


Garmin, FitBit, Micrsoft Band, Polar, Mio

Apps – Activity
MapMyFitness, GoogleFit, Strava, Nike Training

Apps – Food Nutrition
MyFitnessPal, Rise, LooseIt, MyFoodDiery


Workout – Fitness – Exercise

  • The importance of a workout is modification
  • Every exercise can be progressed or regressed
  • Heart rate monitoring can indicate whether you are working, below, at, or over your potential
  • Choosing to do a workout with a friend
  • You can do workouts at home or the gym
  • Some personal trainers offer remote training

In the end, reaching your goals are possible; however, set yourself up for success by following the steps outlined above. Decide what lifestyle changes are most important to you and apply them to your goal setting cycle and before you know it you will have made improvements to your life and your families.

Need help? King’s Camps and Fitness is here to help with Fitness, Lifestyle Coaching, and Nutrition.

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