Let them celebrate their birthday in true warrior style as they swing, climb, and jump their way through our one-of-a-kind, kid-friendly obstacle course. Our Ninja Warriors birthday parties are the premier location in the California Bay Area for any ninja kid who loves American Ninja Warrior.


If your kids love American Ninja Warrior, bring them to us! We scale our obstacle course to meet the age (5-13+ years) and athletic ability of your child and their guests. Our course designer, Mike King, has been designing obstacle courses for over 5 years. He knows how to strike the balance between fun and challenging to assure your birthday child and their guests become real (but safe!) ninjas. Parents can view the entire party (or jump in on the course if they dare!) from our party area.

“My daughter had the BEST birthday party yesterday, the best! Jessica and the rest of your team we’re amazing and the entire experience far exceeded our expectations! Thank you again so much!!!” – Laura

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King’s Camps and Fitness is the ultimate place to have an American ninja warrior birthday party or event! We have a warped wall, peg board, climbing wall, slackline, quintuple steps, cargo net crawl, rope swing, walls, monkey bars, and more! We like to say, “Play and party the American Ninja Warrior way!”

We love, love, LOVED our experience with you guys yesterday for our son’s 7th birthday party. His friends and their parents were super excited about a different birthday experience, the challenge + fun of the course and how great you were with the kids. “ – Keshawn

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Events are held on Saturday and Sunday, with times available throughout the day.

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One Simple and Scalable Party Package

  • Event Base Price
    • 8 included guests
    • 60 minutes of course time
    • 30 minutes of table time
    • Tables and Seating
    • Viewing Area
    • Tableware (Table Cloths, Plates, Forks, Napkins)
    • Food Table
    • Gift Table
    • Experienced Staff
  • Additional Participants
    • Per Additional Child
    • Up To 35 Total Participants
    • No Cost for Spectators

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you host events?

We host events on Saturday and Sundays with typical event times at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm*

*not all weekends offer a 5pm option

Can I decorate for my event and/or arrive early to do so?

Hosts are welcome to arrive up to 20 minutes prior to the start of their event. Our staff will also be available to assist with unloading your vehicle and help setup decorations.

How long is the event:

Events are an hour and a half long (90) with an hour of course time and thirty minutes at the tables for food.

Is sixty minutes enough time to play?

Yes. Our course requires a lot of expended energy, typically doing an activity most children are not accustomed to. Therefore, after an hour, most kids, including athletic kids are exhausted. Extending this time does not add to the overall enjoyment – rather detracts from it as children leave tired and emotional.

Is thirty minutes enough time for food?

Yes. Our staff will help move the food portion of the event along without rushing guests. We have found historically that children eat at a different pace (faster) than adults do and therefore, longer eating periods only lead to non-eating activities such as bottle flipping, playing with food and running around.

What is the format of the course time?

The hour of course time is instructor lead. Instructor(s) will guide the children in warmups, stretching and some exercises and then they will celebrate the birthday child. Instructors will briefly demonstrate the obstacles that are part of the course and the order (numbered markers are also indicators) and flow of the course. They will then briefly run though the rules and then let the children run the course through the remainder of the time left.

Instructors will be available during this time to assist kids that need a boost or a hand on obstacles. They will also guide children to the next obstacle if guidance is needed and based on the need, provide recommendations on how to complete an obstacle better or successfully – however they are not offering one on one coaching during events.

Do the children play games or have competitions?

Our primary goal is to have kids experience our obstacle course during our Ninja Warrior Events and work towards improving with each exposure to an obstacle or series of obstacles. Therefore, we do not play games with the kids.

In our over decade of experience hosting events, we have found that competitions, even friendly competitions, even among good friends, end with one or more children with hurt feelings and since we are looking to provide a positive and enjoyable event, we do not offer competitions during our Ninja Warrior Events.

Do we provide food, or can I bring my own?

We do not provide food for our events so you have the ability to choose the food you want from the locations you love without having to pay highly marked up prices for food that you and your family do not love. We will, however, provide you with a few vendors who have done well with previous hosts when you book. We do not charge for any food or drinks you bring in.

What do you provide for the food portion of the event?

We will provide enough tables and benches for your group (not including adults) to eat at as well as a food table and a gift table. We also provide basic solid color tablecloths, food and dessert plates, napkins and tableware.

Will you serve the food, or do I need to?

All families have different feelings and desires for the food portion of the event, therefore, we will take our direction from you. Our staff will either handle the entire food portion of you event by serving food, cutting cake and cleaning up if desired, or we can work alongside you, or let you take the lead and step in when an extra had is needed – it is completely up to you. Regardless, we will take care of the cleanup for you at the end of your event so you can take that time to talk with and thank your guests for attending.

What is the youngest age that can participate?

Our events are designed for children ages 5-13+. If the birthday child has a sibling between the age of 4-5, they may participate as long as their parent and/legal guardian is present with them at all times. Aside from that, we unfortunately we cannot host participants that are under the age of 5. Kids under 5 are welcome to attend but are not allowed on the course regardless of parent /legal guardian presence.

Can parents participate?

We appreciate that parents will want to take on some of our obstacles once they see the excitement the participants are expressing, however, we do not allow parents to participate during the event for safety reasons.

What should my guests wear?

All participants should wear good, closed toe athletic shoes, preferably with a rubber sole, and good athletic clothing. Guest will not be allowed to participate barefoot or with socks only, or with flip flops, boots or cleats.


We are conveniently located in San Carlos and have plenty of free parking for all your party guests.

We’ve hosted birthday parties for families all across the Bay Area and surrounding area, including the following:


To book or get additional information about hosting an event with us, please email [email protected] to check availability. Kindly include any dates you are interested in hosting your event plus any additional details such as how many kids and their ages.

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