Local OCR Races Now Offered at King’s Camps and Fitness

San Carlos, CA – Bay Area’s premier OCR training gym King’s Camps and Fitness announced today it will offer a regional obstacle course race (OCR) series—the OCR Royal Races.

On March 12, 2017, King’s Camps and Fitness ran their first beta test of their Royal Race series. The beta race consisted of over 15 obstacles and a total of 8 miles of running in a closed course. Archie, one of the participants of the Beta race stated, “This is the real deal;” while others described it as “truly awesome.”

When asked about the OCR Royal Races, Coach Mike King, owner and founder of King’s Camps and Fitness said:

We train hundreds of OCR athletes in our gym for races that are months apart from each other. We felt it was time to offer regional races to fill the gap so that racers can continue to hone their skills under race-like conditions. We expect this race series to elevate the skills and competitiveness of the local OCR community, while also providing more opportunities for racers to train, race, and win prizes.

The OCR Royal Races are designed to better train and prepare OCR participants for commercialized races by mimicking race-like conditions.  Like larger races, the OCR Royal Races employ tiered categories so both beginners and elite racers can easily participate. Races offer prizes to those who finish in the top 3. There is also age group recognition and a Master’s category.

Eventually, other local OCR gyms will be invited to participate in hopes to increase competition and unite the Bay Area OCR community. More information is expected to be released soon.

OCR Royal Race

About King’s Camps and Fitness

King’s Camps and Fitness is recognized as being not only the first, but the premier Bay Area location for obstacle course training. It offers adult fitness classes, youth young warriors classes and birthday parties, OCR training classes and camps, and regional OCR races. Obstacles offered at King’s Camps and Fitness mimic many of those found in Spartan, Tough Mudder, and other OCR races; as well as unique obstacles developed by the King’s Camps and Fitness Obstacle Innovation Lab.  For more information, please visit www.kingscampsandfitness.com.

About Mike King

Mike King is the founder and owner of King’s Camps and Fitness. He is an SGX certified coach, Training for Warriors Level 1 Coach, USATF Level Track and Field Coach, as well as a certified personal trainer. Mike King is also an elite OCR athlete, with over 10 podiums to his name. Since 2013, he’s helped hundreds of men and women to overcome their obstacles—and do less burpees.


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