OCR Royal Time Trials

Challenge your friends, coworkers, family and others in this all out OCR Time Trial and see who can come out on top.
OCR Royal Time Trials

OCR Royal Time Trials

To race under pressure, you need to train under pressure.

The OCR Royal Time Trials combines fitness with OCR obstacles for a unique, timed challenge. These weekly challenges are perfect for both the fitness enthusiast and the obstacle course racer—no previous OCR experience required!

Each week will present with a different timed challenge. Test yourself, compete against friends, and see how you stack up against the local OCR community. Win points and a chance to have your name featured on the leader board.

Want to see how you’ll measure up? Sign up in advance to claim your spot. The clock is ticking…

OCR Royal Time Trial Formats

Time Trials

Pitted against the clock, who will complete the day’s challenge the fastest?

The Countdown

With the clock ticking, how many reps of a series of mixed challenges can you complete?

Team Trials

Can you and your team work efficiently and effectively to maximize your strengths and obliterate your competition’s weaknesses?

The Holdout

With points awarded for each hold, can you grab more and hold on longer than everyone else?

The Relay

Not just for kids, can you act fast no matter what we throw at you?

… And More!

Additional formats will be added to keep you on your toes and ensure that you’re constantly challenged.

Challenge yourself against others in both fitness and obstacle challenges for a spot on the leader board.

Encourage others to finish faster! Create a team and finish together.

Challenge yourself. Surprise yourself! Better yourself!

Our Obstacle Course Open Gym offers a unique opportunity, being the only OCR Gym in the area, to provide a place where athletes can train on the obstacle.