Party Next Steps

Thanks for completing and returning the event paperwork to us. We are excited to be hosting your event!  You should receive a confirmation email from us called an appointment – please let us know if you do not. 

In the meantime, we wanted to provide you with a few notes and things to keep in mind as you send out invites, reserve food, etc.… 

For your event invitations:

*Date to Remember: Please note that we will need your final guest list by noon the Thursday before your event.

  • When sending out invitations, please ask your guests to complete the waiver located on the following page: Having this completed ahead of time will allow for the event to kick off without delays. If someone arrives without having completed the waiver, we will have tablets available for them to do so; it just takes more time and can delay the start of the event.

Note: Waivers must be completed by the child’s parent or legal guardian.

  • Please include in your invitation that guests should wear athletic clothing, including comfortable tennis shoes. We cannot allow children on the course with cleats, boots, flip-flops, Crocks, socks, or bare feet.
  • Your guests may arrive up-to 5-10 minutes before the event, but no sooner, please.

Participant Age:

  • Please keep in mind that participants must be 5 years old to participate on the obstacles and course. 
  • If the birthday child has a sibling between the age of 4-5, they may participate as long as their parent and/or legal guardian is present with them at all times on the course.
  • Guests under the age of 5 may attend the event, but they will not be allowed on the course or allowed to participate on the obstacles, and they must be accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian.

Guest List and Final Billing:

The following link is a guest list for the event. (this is a downloaded MS Excel file) Please have it completed and returned to us by noon the Thursday before your event. The guest list is important for several reasons.

  • Once we receive your guest list, we process the event’s final payment (balance due and cost per guest) on Thursday based on the guests listed on your guest list.
  • Note: We can always add guests if you get last-minute guest confirmations or unexpected arrivals.
  • If we do not receive a guest list for your event on Thursday, we will use the number of expected participants from your event paperwork.
  • We use your final count to determine the table arrangements, supplies as well as our final staffing count for your event.
  • The guest list is also used to confirm that your guests have completed the participant waivers before the event to help facilitate the check-in process on the day of the event.

Arrival, Setup, and Departure:

  • The host(s) may arrive up to 20 minutes before the event to deliver food, drinks, additional decorations, etc.
  • If you have any special requirements, please let us know.
  • Your event will run for an hour and a half, at which time our staff will happily help you bring leftovers and gifts out to your car and clear any remaining food or plates from the party area. 
  • We will let you know when we are 5 minutes from the event conclusion to help facilitate the handing-out of favors (if present) and parent pickup.
  • Staff are always appreciative of tips via cash or Venmo if you are so inclined to provide them with a tip at the conclusion of your event.


  • If you were deciding on food and pizza was your choice, below are two pizza restaurants that we would recommend and who have delivered to our facility in the past.

1) Toto’s is in Belmont on El Camino and Ralston. It is a long-standing bay area family-owned restaurant. 

2) Mountain Mikes is in San Carlos on El Camino.

  • We do not recommend ordering any deep-dish pizza as their cooking times are so long, they have proven not to be ready in time for the event.
  • We recommend ordering your pizza 24-hours in advance of your event rather than when you arrive to avoid delays in delivery or busy kitchens.
  • For younger guests, we recommend asking the restaurant to cut the slices in half to help smaller hands handle the slices better.
  • We will conclude the activities on the course and retire to the tables for food in an hour, so it is recommended to have the pizza delivered 50-55 minutes after the start of your event.
  • Please keep in mind that food with sauce (such as pasta) or small pieces (such as beans or rice) do not do well in the hands of kids and spend more time on the floor, then on the table.


  • We recommend bringing a flat of bottled water (full size if the main beverage or mini if other beverage(s) will be served,) or other rehydrating beverage (not soda) so that each child has access to a form of rehydration throughout the event.
  • We suggest printing labels (or bringing a permanent marker) with the guest’s name to help them identify their bottle, not misplace it, and avoid opening additional bottles as a result.
  • We have a water cooler that can be used to refill bottles when necessary.
  • Alcohol is not permitted onsite.


  • If you are planning on having a specialty cake with fondant, we recommend bringing a sharp knife wrapped in a towel to cut the cake. We do have a knife and serving pieces but our knife at times may not be sharp enough to make clean work of cutting fondant well.
  • If you are planning on having an ice cream cake:
    • We do not have a freezer onsite
    • We recommend contacting the cake provider and asking them how long the cake should defrost after pickup to ensure the cake can be cut after food is served.
    • If keeping the cake cold is necessary, we recommend bringing it in a cooler on top of the ice.


  • We can provide plates, utensils, napkins, and tablecloths. The settings are basic blue or green which match our gym colors.
  • We do not provide cups as guests typically bring in juice boxes or individual water bottles. 
  • Have a theme for your event? You’re welcome to bring in your own tableware and our staff can help get them set up for you, just let us know.

Should you have any questions along the way, please let us know. 

Thank you for hosting your event with us!