Race Day Blessings

 In Race Recap

The morning that you get into your car and make your way to the venue of your upcoming race you have a short list of hopeful outcomes for the day. These may include that last night’s dinner is well digested, that your morning breakfast provided you enough fuel to do well, that your clothing doesn’t chafe in the wrong areas, that you make it to the starting line on time, and that your training serves you well and you finish strong.

But as a coach or member of a gym community, what matters more than that, is the blessing of seeing so many that you coach or train with at the event with smiles on their face, pride in their hearts and in excitement at having finished their own race. Maybe you even had the opportunity to see someone on the course and were able to encourage them on or to join you.

This weekend’s race day blessings did not come solely in one’s placement or finish of the race – rather, in seeing so many familiar faces full of smiles throughout the event.

Congratulations to everyone who put in the effort to train hard and showed up on race day with the goal of overcoming their obstacles. We hope to see you at many more races to come and in case, you weren’t aware of any upcoming races here is race list for you to refer to.

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