SPARTAN PREPARATION – Past Stadium Sprint Obstacles – CITI Field

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This is an list of the obstacles observed at the Spartan Stadium Sprint at CITI Field – April 2014. Note this list does not represent what WILL be at any other Stadium Sprint; however, it does represent some of the obstacles that will likely make an appearance. Note, no water or mud is mentioned.

1. High Crawl – Crawl underneath webbing – bear or beast crawl.

2. High Step – step through a raised cargo net – similar to a tire run

3. Hobie Hop – Place rubber band around ankle and hop up stairs – 6 flights of stairs.

4. 6 Foot Wall Climb

5. Atlas Carry – Lift a concrete block from the ground and carry it to the opposite side. Drop down and do 5 burpees, and then carry the block back to its original side and position.

6. Jump Rope – Jump rope with a battle rope – 30 reps.

7. Slam Balls – Raise a weighted ball over your head and slam it on the ground – 20 reps.

8. Chair Squats – Squat in each chair as you move through the stands – 30 reps.

9. 7 Foot Wall Climb

10. Traverse Wall

11. Spear Throw – Plan on doing 30 burpees here.

12. Hand-Release Pushups – A pushup where you release your hands from the ground at the bottom of the movement leaving you lying on your chest before you push back up – 30 repetitions.

13. Herculean Hoist – Hoist a heavy cement block into the air by using a pulley system with a rope.

14. 8 Foot Wall Climb

15. Sandbag Carry –Spartan pancake carry up and down stadium seating

16. Water Jug Carry – Carry a water jug in each hand through the stadium bleachers.

17. Monkey Bars

18. Box Jumps – 20 reps.

19. Rope Climb

20. 4 Foot Walls

21. Cargo Net Climb – This is an “A” frame with a cargo net over it.

22. CKO Bag Jungle – Swinging Punching Bags you must run through

23. Run – Between Obstacles – 3+ miles total

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