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You’re at the starting line, the energy is high, everyone is beginning to bounce as the announcer pumps up the crowd – so you join in. And that is when you notice a small irritation on one of your toes. You wiggle your toes to see what it may be – it’s still there. You quickly take off your shoe to see if there is something in your sock – nothing. Then you see it – a small cut on the side of your toe. You wiggle your toes again to see what caused it – ouch.

It appears that the neighboring toenail has been scratching this toe and has caused a small cut, that is now hurting just as the gun is about to go off. Thoughts run through your mind – will it get worse – can I get through this event – it is getting worse – ahhh?

Today’s Spartan Preparation Tip #1 is simple. 3-5 days before your event, find a reputable nail salon and get a pedicure. Yes, that goes for you gents as well – you may even like it. Like a paper cut, these small nail cuts can stop you in your tracks and a good pedicure will assure your nails are primed and ready to race. Avoid getting a pedicure too close to race day as the skin around the nail needs a few days to adjust to the sensitivity of your shorter nails.

Good Luck and Race On – Aroo!

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