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King’s Camps and Fitness Summer Prep Program

Stronger. Faster. Leaner.

Program will include unlimited access for 8 weeks to our Warrior Bootcamp classes, as well as 8 weeks of Nutritional Consultation and Balancing.
At the end of the Nutritional Balancing and fitness program, your body will look and feel great for summer.


Start Date: April 10

End Date: May 29

Price will be $129 for the 8 weeks.

Look and Feel Better Than Ever Before!


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Get the summer body of your dreams!


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We track your gains, not your losses.

King’s Camps and Fitness is more than a gym, it’s an elite training facility designed to build a stronger, faster, and leaner you. King’s Camps and Fitness Summer Prep Program is designed to help you lose fat and tone up. Quick bursts of high-intensity strength and cardio training will rev up your metabolism to burn calories long after your workout is complete.