Virtual Young Ninja Warriors

With the current shelter-in-place still in effect, we suspect your little ninjas are climbing the walls — or maybe causing YOU to climb the walls! We feel your cabin-fever pain and have a solution.
Our Virtual Young Ninja Warriors program is now live! 
Join our Virtual Young Ninja Warriors program to get two-three Ninja Warrior classes per week. One class will be an obstacle course you can create at home (no special equipment needed). The second class will be a kid-friendly workout designed to get them moving in a fun, energy-expending way. (If you aren’t already doing our Virtual Warrior Boot Camp, you can follow along with your kids for an added bonus). And our Ninja specific skills based class will provide specific skills for your young Ninjas to practice at home.
Virtual Young Ninja Warriors
with Coach Mike and Ninja Guests
This class is for kids of all ages that can walk, jump and giggle.  
Specific Details:  
  • Classes will be posted at least twice a week usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Class content will consist of an
  •    Obstacle Course day
  •    Fitness day
  •    Ninja Skill day 
  • Access to a Facebook account is needed to access the programs content
  • Register for the group prior your first class as admins need 24 hrs to approve your request

There are two ways to join our Virtual Young Ninja Warriors Program:

Option 1: Purchase a Young Ninja Warriors 4-Pack to use at our facility and Gain Access to our Virtual Program for Free

Option 2: Purchase an Access Pass for the Virtual Program

Fill Out The Form Below and GET STARTED!