The Warrior Yoga is the perfect opportunity to recover, stretch and find more capability in your body. Our Warrior Yoga class is taught by a certified yoga coach who tailors the class to blend with the week’s workouts to gain maximum benefits. This class is designed to release and strengthen the muscles used in the HIIT and Strength classes. Challenge your core and find new ways to build strength, stability and flexibility. Warrior Yoga is intended for all levels.

For two of the four days, you’ll experience high-intensity classes that are consciously designed to get your heart rate spiking, your legs moving, your body pumping–all the while drawing motivation from other members and our expert coaches. High-intensity classes are suitable and challenging for all fitness levels. You’ll leave each class sweaty, but smiling–and likely more than a little proud of what you’ve accomplished.

The other two days of the Warrior Boot Camp focus on strength and conditioning. These classes will sculpt, tone, and increase your muscular baseline so you’ll burn fat more quickly, whether at rest or moving throughout your day. Strength and conditioning classes utilize various weight types, including body weight, in a progressive manner that will challenge you no matter what your fitness level. You’ll leave each class with muscles shaking, a true sign that you’re leaving class a stronger version of yourself.

All of our coaches are well versed in exercise modifications so that whether you’re just beginning to exercise or are recovering from an injury, they can help you overcome your obstacles. All of our coaches also know how to quickly make an exercise harder–so you never need to worry about being under-challenged.

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    • Mike's been my coach for the last year and a half. He's been awesome at helping me find my inner athlete and encouraging/pushing me to new levels that I didn't know I could reach. He's always there to listen to what my goals are, answer questions from nutrition to recovery, and help me improve. I'm so grateful for his knowledge and expertise. He's funny, kind, and makes workouts so much fun.

    • Mike is hands down the best you can get when it comes to a motivating and knowledgeable trainer. He is always there to push you that extra bit and really brings out the best in every person he works with. I've spent the last year working out with Mike and over that time, I'm not only down 40 pounds, but I've run a Spartan Trifecta (the equivalent of 25 miles of racing and 60 obstacles) and have rediscovered the athlete I was in high school.

    • Mike King is an amazing trainer!  I've been going to Mike's High-Intensity Interval Training classes for about 4 months now, and he's gotten me in the best shape of my life.  Mike has a perfectly balanced combo of being incredibly motivating without being drill-sergeant-ish, being knowledgeable without preachy, and the ability to dream up varied exercises to keep it interesting.  So, whatever your objective, if you're looking for a great trainer, fun atmosphere, and achieving your goals, you should definitely check his gym out.

    If you’ve been looking for a time-tested program that will burn fat, build muscle, and increase your functional fitness level, this is it. So sign up, complete the program, and be amazed at the inner warrior you’ve just unleashed.

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