Ninja Warriors

Young Warriors Youth Obstacle Program

Training Kids to be American Ninja Warriors Since 2013


Our Ninja Warriors program is the premier ninja kids training program in the California Bay Area. Ninja Warriors has the all the kid activities that benefit your child’s health and fitness. Our obstacles build strength, endurance, balance, and coordination. All kids—regardless of physical ability—will benefit from participating in our obstacle-based fitness program. Whether your child is a budding sport star or a video-game fanatic, we know how to turn them into the next ninja warrior.

With Ninja Warriors, your kids will not only stay in shape, they’ll find a new outlet for fun and creativity. They’ll make friends and have a blast, and improve their overall health with every step, swing, climb, and jump!


Since 2013, we’ve coached hundreds of ninja warriors and warrior princesses. Our Coaches and Obstacle Specialist course designers know how to create a fun, challenging, but safe courses for children ages 5 to 13+. We use a unique formula that focuses on fun, not just fitness, to engage even the most-couch entrenched child. Classes use per-class passes, and no monthly membership is required, so you can easily work within your family’s schedule. What could be more fun than letting your kids become a Ninja Warrior?

We offer several types of classes so that your kids can choose the skills they want to work on, their favorite class type of the week or combine them all for absolute variety and training. We offer our Ninja Warriors – Ninja, Ninja Team, Parkour, and Floor is Lava throughout the week. Please see below for class times and registration links.

Class Formats

Our Ninja Warrior program has a variety of class types to choose from. Many of our Ninjas participate in more than one class type.


Our Ninja class takes its lead from the popular TV show American Ninja Warrior. This class teaches the skills to complete the obstacles in our gym. As kids learn these skills, they will marry new skills with old skills, as they take our course of the day. Obstacles and courses include obstacles as mentioned in our obstacle section on this page. We are constantly changing our courses and creating new challenges for our programs.

Ninja Team:

Our Ninja Team class is designed for students who are proficient in our regular ninja classes and are looking to take their Ninja skills to the next level. While this program is geared at training students for Ninja competitions, it is equally appropriate for those who want to learn more advanced skills and discover more challenges. Please inquire about registering for this class during one of our regular Ninja classes or by email.

The Floor is Lava:

Our Floor is Lava class uses obstacles to create various paths throughout our gym. The goal is to move from the starting point to the endpoint without touching the ground. There are many paths to reach the end, some are easier than others, and others offer more fun or challenge. During class, kids will have the opportunity to explore all of these paths. Each class has a different course and layout for ever-evolving fun and challenges. Please note that this class is not a skill teaching class; however, our instructors will provide guidance and assistance as needed; part of the concept of this course is the challenge. Skills for this class can be obtained through our Ninja and Parkour classes.


Is an athletic training, sometimes mixed with Freerunning, that takes you from point A to B in the most fluid way as possible. Getting from these points can be done through a variety of movements, such as vaults, jumping, climbing, rolling, lache, swinging, and wall walks, just to name a few. Our classes teach the skills needed to complete these movements and provide an obstacle or free running course to practice these skills and the athlete’s movement throughout the course.


Your kids won’t think they’re “exercising” or being “healthy” when they’re doing what they enjoy! We have a diversity of obstacles from floor-based obstacles, balance obstacles, swinging obstacles, and more such as a warped wall, peg board, climbing wall, slackline, quintuple steps, fidget spinners, Nina rigs with various holds, cargo net, incline ramp, rope swing and climb, monkey bars, trampolines, wall climbs and more! While some obstacles are predominately fixed, a majority of our obstacles are moved throughout our floor to create new courses for each class. Our fixed rigs are constantly evolving with new configurations to keep our Ninjas on their toes.


In our classes, your kids will improve coordination, agility, and endurance, and lose body fat while building muscle through cross-training. All classes are 50 minutes, and include:

  • Dynamic Warm-up to get the body ready for fun, fun, fun!
  • Run to build cardiovascular endurance, improve acceleration through sprinting, and instill teamwork through relays
  • Obstacle course to teach invaluable life skills, including leadership, creativity, mental strength, problem-solving, self-confidence and teamwork
  • Naturally, complex movement patterns stimulate both cardiovascular and total body strength gains
  • Single
    • Expires in 2 months
    • Use for any Youth Class
  • 4-Session
    • Expires in 2 months
    • Use for any Youth Class
  • 8-Session
    • Expires in 3 months
    • Use for any Youth Class


Please note that all classes require prior registration, and we do not offer on-site registration.

Passes and Class Packs are tied to the individual and cannot be shared across the family.

Once you register, you can manage your account online, including family members, purchases, passes, class registrations, and cancellations. For credit, cancellations must be made 4 hours before any class starts.

You can sign up for our Ninja Warriors classes by clicking the “Reserve” button beside the class you wish to attend. You will receive an email verifying your registration and can access your registration though your online account.

Once you’ve registered your child, you can sit back and watch as your children re-engage themselves with physical activity, become healthier and fitter, and learn amazing and invaluable


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