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Let us host an event your team won’t forget!

The obstacles present in our Obstacle Course / Ninja Gym presents an individual challenge that also builds comradery. It’s a fun way for your team to get to know each other a little bit better while learning something new.

Corporate Events

Teams are more powerful when their members communicate and build comfortable relationships and sometimes this is challenging during the preasures of the workday. Taking time away from the office and placing team members into a new and unfamiliar environment where they need to work together to successfully complete an obstacle is a powerful and unique way to explore the dynamic relationship between two people and the team as a whole.

Our corporate events are a great way to allow your team to work together, learn about each other in a deeper way than though office conversation and have fun building positive memories though the even.

Team Building

Our team building events build trust, expands comfort zones and builds communication skills as well as allows each teammate to understand each others skills, abilities and particular needs.

Teammates will apply new skills during the event and apply this and existing knowledge to solve problems. Team members will work together, in small groups and all together in order to complete obstacles, custom designed obstacle courses, fitness challenges and races. Teamwork comes into play when partners work together to help their teammate, this is where the relationships and bonding really come together.

Our corporate and team building events unique as we design a program to meet your team’s needs. We work with the team leader or manager to incorporate elements of the event that will address existing needs of the team or build on the team existing successes. Whether you’re interested in an exciting trip away from the office to have fun, or a specific program that addresses specific needs of your team, we’re ready to work with you on a program to meet your goals.

Corporate Membership Deals

Our Warrior Boot Camp and Obstacle Course Open Gym is a great way for employees to stay in shape and also a great way to relax together before or after work and even on the weekends! Hey, maybe they will even find themselves at the starting line of a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder!? For inquiries about corporate memberships, email our membership team.

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