Mike believes that everyone is capable of obtaining their goals when properly nurtured and motivated. There is little distinction between someone looking to lose weight, an elderly client looking to regain mobility, or an athlete looking to improve their lap time around a track or reach the podium at an OCR event. Simply put, Mike’s philosophy is that everyone is capable of great thing – it’s just a matter of working with the client to assure they have the tools to get there.


Mike spent the better part of his life in Information Technology working with Biotech Startups having a direct impact on the technology slated to improve people’s lives. During this time, Mike returned to a life of physical fitness and his pursuit of having a more direct impact on people’s wellbeing and lifestyles began. In his pursuit of continued personal growth, Mike returned to school to obtain his Bachelors of Science. During this time he took an opportunity to coach group fitness classes within his community. It wasn’t long before he realized where he could have a profound impact on the wellbeing of those in his community.

Taking this new career path to heart, Mike became a National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT), A Certified Spartan Group X Coach (SGX Level 1 and 2), a Spartan Obstacle Specialist, a USA Track and Field coach, a CHEK Professional Holistica Lifestyle Coack, a Training For Warriors (TFW) coach, and a Dynamic Variable Resistance Trainer – Level 1 and 2 (DVRT.)  This study along with involvement with industry professionals have allowed him to have positively affected and changed the lives of thousands. This pursuit continues with every client he sees – regardless of their pursuits – and is the basis of opening King’s Camps and Fitness. Recognizing that in order to have a lasting effect on our society, the change in our lifestyles needed to occur with our youth. In 2013, Mike began working to improve the fitness of our youth by opening the Youth Obstacle Boot Camp a fitness program designed at promoting fitness in a fun and unique way. In addition he took to his running roots and began coaching local schools long distance track teams.


In his early years, Mike was introduced to Cross Country, a sport that he would stick with to this day. Mike held course records at many of the courses he competed on – some up until recent. He became a team captain and began coaching those he ran with as a pride of passion and a means to improve the teams ranking. He competed in gymnastics, taking his tumbling to Sacramento where he and his ream won the state championships. As running was a natural sport, track was an obvious progression. Mike ran distance (1600m) and proved to be extremely successful – breaking school records and winning races.

As Mike began look into fitness as a career, he began to apply his learning to himself. Mike first became focused on strength and conditioning, applying all that he could to a refined growth in his physique. This later translated into a natural transition to rock climbing, where Mike began training and competing in the local top rope and bouldering circuit. After attending a Tough Mudder Obstacle Course Race (OCR), he found a calling so strong he could not deny. Along with other sports such as Wakeboarding, Wake Surfing and Snowboarding, Mike competes competitively in OCR’s around the country. He has found this extremely rewarding both personally as well as professionally. As Mike has excelled in this sport, he has become a resource for others and not only competes in elite and championship heats, he trains teams and individuals to compete as well.


Bachelors of Science (BS)

National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT),

Certified Spartan Group X Coach (SGX)

Certified Spartan Group X Coach (SGX Level 2)

Certified Spartan Obstacle Specialist Coach (SOS)

USA Track and Field Coach – Level 1 (USATF)

Dynamic Variable Resistance Trainer – Level 1 and 2 (DVRT.)

Training for Warriors – Level 1 (TFW)

CHEK Professional Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Race Recognition:

7 time World’s Toughest Mudder finisher

OCR World Championships 2015 – 3rd in age, 2017 – 4th in Masters

Rugged Maniac 2015 – 3rd overall

Gladiator Rock n’ Run 2014 – 3rd overall,  2015 – 2nd overall

Spartan Race 2015 Monterey Super – 2nd masters, 2015 AT&T Spring – 3rd masters, 2016 AT&T Sprint – 3rd masters

Sasquatch Challenge – Trail Half Marathon – 2nd overall

Battle Frog 2016 – 1 x 1st place, 5 x 2nd place & 2 x 3rd place Masters Finishes (including regional championship.)

Battle Frog 2016 2nd place Masters overall points finisher


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