Personal Training

Looking for a personal touch to help you obtain your health and fitness goals. Look no further.

King’s Camps and Fitness offers individual personal training or partner personal training, focused on your success. Out coaches will work with you, starting before your first visit, to discuss your goals and schedule to taylor a training program to meet your goals.

Our personal training programs offer Strength Training, Conditioning, Weight Loss, Intensity Training, Sports Performance, Run Coaching, Spartan (OCR) Race Training, DEKA Fit Training, Nutrition and more.

Our Personal Training offerings are below:

Youth Sports Performance:

Today’s sports are more competitive and focused then they have ever been. If you child is looking to reach that next level in their respective sports, we can help them get their through specialized personal training. As each sport is different and each athlete has different needs, our training program will address those needs and adapt as your athlete progresses and meets their specific goals.

Strength Training:

Gaining strength takes dedication and a regimented training program – both of which our personal training programs offer. If you are looking at becoming stronger, for the raw power more muscle enables, looking for tone and physique, or just to add muscle for weight loss and management, our training sessions will get you there.


If you are looking for overall conditioning to meet your goals of a better-balanced life, stress reduction, athletic performance, our training programs can meet these goals and more. General conditioning can be as simple as introducing you to fitness or as intense as getting you ready for your next event. Combine strength training and conditioning for a full-on transformation – our coaches will show you how.

Event Training (Spartan, OCR, Deka, Sports Performance, and more)

Our coaches are experienced and trained in a variety of sports and programs and with their expert knowledge can sent you to the starting line in the best shape of your life, with the most confidence you have ever had and with the support every athlete needs when the big day comes.


Work with our nutrition partners to lose weight, eat healthier, address allergies or eat for specific athletic outcomes. Your goals and how to achieve them will be discussed with our partners and a plan will be prepared for you so you know what to eat, how much to eat and how food interacts with our bodies to maximize its and your nutritional value.

Run Coaching

All sessions are 50 minutes.

Adult PT
1 session 6 sessions 12 sessions
$120 $575 $1088
Partner Training
1 session 6 sessions 12 sessions
$160 $$ $$
OCR Training
1 session 4 sessions 8 sessions
$139 $472 $890
Youth Training
1 session 6 pack
$95 $445
Run Coaching
1 session on site or on track

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