We have classes throughout the day to fit anyone’s schedule. We have ample parking so that you can get in and out without hunting for a parking spot. We even have child care services so that you can work out while your kids are playing happily in our kid’s zone. There are no excuses not to add fitness to your lifestyle – we are here to make it happen for you.

The first half of the class is spent preparing the body to crank out the intensity that will be asked for in the second part of the class. This will include dynamic warm-up, stretching, and movements that will get your heart rate pumping. This warm-up will also build functional strength and sculpt your muscles. We want you to create the body shape you desire, learn new and exciting movements and accomplish things you never thought were possible.

In the second half, the intensity is ramped up and we get a sweat on. The variety of techniques used are designed to develop all areas of fitness, keep your body guessing and maximize fat burning potential, not just in the session, but all day long.

Each session employs different fitness methods from high-intensity circuits, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Tabata, anaerobic threshold (AT) conditioning, Sprint Interval Training (SIT,) Rower Interval Training (RIT,) to strength and toning to cardiovascular endurance to keep your body and your mind wanting that next best set.

All that is asked is that you bring a positive attitude and give every class 100% effort. Do this, and four one hour sessions a week will be plenty in helping you achieve that leaner, stronger and fitter body.

Get Fit – Get Strong

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