DEKA Challenge Workout

Join us for our DEKA workouts – circuit-based workouts with both completion and challenge in mind. These workouts will get your heart pumping, sweat pouring, and your muscles shaking. Our challenges have a variety of focuses with the goal of getting you fitter than ever and prepared to complete or compete in the DEKA Fitness challenges that are hosted all over the world.

What is DEKA?

DEKA was created by Spartan Race as a different but complementary fitness model to its outdoor Spartan Races. DEKA events are indoor fitness competitions and motivation training programs designed for all levels. These challenges contain up to 10 fitness Zones all preceded by a 500-meter run.

Who is it for?

Everybody, regardless of your current fitness level. This program and its events are built for the novice to the elite fitness athlete.

What Might I Expect?

During a DEKA Workout, you will be presented with up to 10 fitness stations followed by a segment of running. These fitness stations hold exercises and movements such as walking lunges, box jumps, farmers carries, sit-ups, and wall balls. In addition, these stations hold cardio elements such as air bikes and rowers. All of these stations are followed by a run that can be done on a treadmill or not.

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