Event Guests and Participants

How Exciting you are joining your friends at one of our exciting events.

Below are a few things you should know and answers to common guests’ questions.

Do I need to complete a waiver?

Yes. You can use the following button to complete your waiver. Select the option, New to King’s Camps and be sure to add your child(ren) to the waiver in the space provided.

What If my child or I have been there before, do I need to fill out a new one?

No, if we have a waiver from a previous class or event, we do not need a new one. You can always verify this by selecting the option Have and Account.

When can I arrive?

You should check with your host; however, we expect guests no more than 5 minutes before the event’s start time.

Is there plenty of parking?

Yes, Our facility offers loads of off-street parking and handicap and wheelchair accessibility.

What should my child wear?

Your child(ren) should wear good, closed-toe athletic shoes with a good rubber sole and clothing that is not loose of or long.


Nike Free shoes have foam soles and do not stick to our obstacles well

Children wearing dresses often place a hand on their dress when climbing obstacles and get stuck and possibly fall.

We do not allow flip-flops, crocks, boots, or cleats on the course.

Where are you located?

We are located at 1100 Industrial Road, suite #13. This is on the corner of Brittan and Industrial. We are across the street from REI.