New Afternoon Classes

Hello Warriors,

We have a new lineup of evening classes for you. Classes begin next week ( 4-27) and are part of your existing membership. Take a peek…we hope you are as excited as we are.

📅 TUESDAY | ⏰ 5:45PM
Deka Circuit Challenge

Deka Circuit Workouts are circuit-based workouts that optimize workout zones combined with cardio stations. An example would be 30 box jumps with a 400-meter run.

These workouts can be scaled for all fitness levels and due to the challenging nature of the class, create a fun, community-driven acceleration of your fitness growth.

📅 Wednesday | ⏰ 5:45PM
OCR Training Class

The OCR Training Class combines the use of obstacles and fitness movement to provide you the necessary skills and strength to excel in OCR races AND life. Classes will include circuits, challenges, and competitions. An example would be, 10 pull ups followed by 2 rope climbs.

Not interested in OCR but want a great workout — this class is still for you. Overcome your Obstacles and get into the best shape of your life with our OCR Training Class.

📅 Thursday | ⏰ 5:45PM
Challenge Night

The workout challenge night is a time-capped workout where the goal is to complete the workout with the best time, most points, or flat out just complete the workout.

The workout formats will continually change but will re-appear from time to time to see how you have grown and push you to do more – more than you ever thought possible.

We look forward to seeing you at one or all of these new evening classes. Be sure to register in advance via our APP or the MindBody APP.

See you there!

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