Mountain of Medals

The King’s Camps and Fitness Pro Team (with the exception of a few members who were unable to join us), got together the other night to celebrate the end of an epic OCR season. Each athlete brought with them the medals, plaques, and bibs that represented their podium positions (NOT finisher medals) and other major accomplishments in OCR. This picture truly represents the incredible success won by the hard work and diligent training of the team!

Team Winnings

The metals displayed represent podiums or major successes held in races such as Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, the OCR World and North American Championships, Rugged Maniac, and others. In addition, triangle wedges represent podium finishes in elite waves or national championships of the various series within a Spartan Race (such as the national championships, stadium series or mountain series). Obtaining just one of these medals within a race season is a huge accomplishment for any athlete — earning multiples is truly an epic accomplishment.

Nono and Jana First

This team of athletes has proven not only that they are capable athletes, but are also a guiding light in the sport of OCR. Reach out to anyone of these athletes at a race, on social media or in the gym and they’ll take their time to chat with you, answer questions, or give you a pep talk for your next race. Unlike the elite athletes of established sports such as football and baseball, these OCR athletes are pros trailblazing for the future of the sport. Ask a pro basketball player to show you how to make a free-throw every time — good luck. One of the things our team strives for is to be sure to always recognize where we each came from in the sport and pass that down to the next generation of racers by always being available and spread what we have learned along the way. We all started somewhere other than at the top.

Jana WinningsJeff Shady Winnings

This team is a community in itself but also brings together the larger community of OCR. These athletes are found on course cheering other competitors on even in the midst of their own race. They’re providing pep talks at the starting line for different heats by clapping loudly as other competitors step onto the podium — even when they didn’t win.

When training at King’s Camps and Fitness, these athletes drop the hammer during each workout. They are a solid motivation to those just entering support and those looking to reach that next level in every workout they’re in. Not only are they providing motivation to others they’re also a resource unlike any other for athletes needing help completing obstacles, understanding what to expect during a race at any given venue, or tips on fueling. They speak of the approach and mindest necessary to run a good race and what it takes to finish while still having fun.

Coach Mike King, the owner and founder of King’s Camps and Fitness, is often quoted as saying:

“This is the most awarded team in OCR and they are so not just because of the leadership, coaching, and the gym, but because of the family they have created together.”

The next time you’re on the course and see one of our athletes, make sure to say hello. If you’re on social media, make sure to follow these athletes as their training regiment is a motivation to us all.

If you are a beginner looking to participate in your first OCR race, this team is here to ensure you are successful. If you are an athlete looking to progress, they will cheer you on. If the podium is your goal, King’s Camps and Fitness WILL get you there.

Lauren Moss, one of King’s Camps and Fitness’ ambassadors said it well,

“When you train with the BEST, you race your BEST!”

Congratulations Team!

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