The Last Steps to the Podium


After running a Spartan stadium race, you might laugh that making your way onto the podium can be the hardest part of the race. Think about it though —  after what may amount to a thousand stairs throughout the race, the remaining steps onto the podium might be all you have left in you. However; even if this was the case, you still put on your best face and dance up those stairs, filled with excitement and pride.

Group Podium Fenway

Those last few steps up to the podium haven’t seemed to deter King’s Camps and Fitness Pro Team Member Dawn Wu. She proved last year that she has what it takes to do well during spartan stadium events and is off to a wonderful start this year as she took 2nd place in her age group at Fenway Park in Boston, MA.

When asked, Dawn provided us one tip on being successful at Fenway, she said she had two “keep your hands warm in the freezing temperatures so they are available for the obstacles and run aggressively through the traffic but be nice about it.”

Dawn has found a specialty in stadium racing. As many athletes do, it is important to recognize where your strengths lie within race types and distances. Yours may be in Supers or Ultras. While Dawn races in other races and other distances, she has said that she just finds herself when racing at a stadium.

Coach Mike is quoted as saying, “stadiums are uniquely different than regular Spartan races as there isn’t room to come off the gas pedal – you need to push hard through every twist, turn, stair and obstacle there is.”

Dawn’s next stadium race will be at Oracle Park in San Francisco, CA, where she will be in a much warmer climate and on her home turf. If you see her, be sure to say hello and cheer her on as she screams by.

We are wishing her luck and hope to see her climbing those stairs again!

Dawn Fenway Stairs

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