Pain, Potholes and Podiums – Spartan Race Sacramento

Pain, Potholes and Podiums – Spartan Race Sacramento happened over the weekend of November 3rd and 4th 2018.

This weekend Spartan Race hosted their umpteenth Super and Sprint Race at Van Vleck Ranch in Sacramento, CA. The weekend was warm and dry, making the course arduous due to its rolling landscape, dust, and technical terrain. While this venue didn’t have much in the way of elevation gain, it presented large segments of pockmarked terrain that is considered by most an ankle-breaking course.

The oh-so-familiar venue aside, there were still great racing to be had–and much of it done by our OCR community and King’s Camps and Fitness Pro Team.

Eduard on the Podium

Leading the pack was Ian Deyerle who took 1st place in the Elite Sprint with an epic battle to the finish with Mr. Hamond. Ian also could be found on the podium the day before taking 3rd place in the elite super. Christian Peraza also found himself on the podium twice this weekend, taking 2nd in his age group for the super and the sprint. Eduard Korat found himself in a familiar place at the front of the pack and atop the podium taking 1st in his age group for the super and the sprint. Arnaud Hebert, racing for the first time in the elite category, took 8th overall in the Sprint on Sunday.

These gentlemen raced hard and fought a good fight to find their feet standing on the coveted podium.

Though their feet may not have touched the podium this time, Arnaud Hebert took 8th in his debut Spartan Elite Sprint, showing the “big boys” that they’d better watch their muddy footsteps next time. Archie Naumovski just missed the age group leaderboard (top 5) with a 6th place finish in both the Super and Sprint.

Others on the team and in our King’s Camps community, such as Monica Villarreal, Marisa Nelson, and Justin Asdourian, used this race as an early qualifier for next years North American Obstacle Course Championships and Obstacle Course Race World Championships.

King's Camps Pro Team

With just a few races left in the Spartan Race season, this was a great way to begin closing the big OCR book of 2018 mud. We are looking forward to AT&T in December – and hope to see everyone out there, but preferably not in the burpee pit. Aroo!

Eduard and Christian at the Finish



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