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One of the most important things to enter a Spartan event with is the right mindset. What is mean by this? When you enter the venue, you should already know how you are going to run the race. You should know at what pace you are targeting. You should know at what pace you will attack the obstacles with. You should know at what pace you will perform any burpees you earn. You will know roughly how long the event should take you so you know when to push if needed. You should also know what will motivate you to perform better, whether that be a good placement, beating a record, or just finishing, so that you are not disappointed in yourself when you get home. You cannot re-live the past, so optimize your opportunity while you have the chance.

If you are running with a partner or group, the group should agree on the above items and what to do if someone wants to move faster or needs to fall behind. The group should also discuss what happens if a member of the group earns some burpees – will the whole group do them together or stand around counting them off for the pore sole doing them.

Entering the event without a game plan allows you to make it up as you go. This allows doubt and famous words such as, “I am to tired,” “I am not strong enough,” “I’ll push harder next time,” or the favorite, “I don’t really care how I do” to enter your mind and effect your bodies performance.

Like any event of physical means, we are limited by what we allow our mind to substitute reality with. We need to seed our mind properly and be prepared to object to the reality it is imposing. “I am too tired to climb that wall” – replaced with – “I am strong and I know I can climb that wall – watch me.”


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